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What an amazing day on Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail. The sun was out, the trees beginning to bud, flowers blooming, and life could not be better. This day marked the first of 4 three-hour hikes that will prepare me for the arduous canyon trail. I’m never prepared for hiking in altitude, even if it’s only 7600 ft.

This is a new segment of the Ice Age Trail for me, one that begins just 1 hour from my home in Oshkosh, WI. Having purchased my annual sticker to the recently opened State Parks, I was good to go. The trail began by winding through a beautiful forrest near to Pike Lake.

At the furthest end of my trek, I came across a beautiful field the just took my breath away.

What I didn’t expect was the long section that ran through the small community of Slinger, WI. Such a beautiful small town and it was great to see human beings.