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A Short Synopsis with a Surprise Ending

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to return to one of the most amazing trails I’ve ever hiked on. This section of the Ice Age Trail is Wales, WI just down from where I spent time as a Novice Monk at ‘The Order of Julian of Norwich’. My cell was name ‘Killian’. It was an important time in my life, one that permanently affected me on every level.

My Mom and Dad with me as I make ‘Novice Promises’.

Sr. Scholastica – Marie (OJN’s Guardian) allowed me to continue running in the early mornings during my time of cloister. On Sundays, I could leave the monastery for an extended run giving me time to explore and connect with the forrest. After leaving the community, I remained in town and always close to this trail.

On this day (May 15, 2020), the weather was absolutely perfect even considering it was muddy from an earlier shower. Birdsong echoed throughout the forrest. Many people were out enjoying the trail system as well, everyone with smiles.

Lapham Peak stands at 1233 feet and is named for Increase A. Lapham (1811-1875), a Scientist and Useful Citizen. More than that, Lapham was Wisconsin’s premier 19th-century naturalist, archeologist, and scholar.

On this hill in 1870, then known as Government Hill, the first National Weather Service signal station was established by the United States Army Signal Corps.

While it was a perfect hike, I did realize how out of shape I really am. It was hard to catch my breath on some sections of the trail, especially the stairs. With just two weeks to go, I’m more determined than ever to be ready for hiking in altitude.