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Finding Forrest Fenn

Searching for Treasure

A Captivating Story Worth Watching: Now Available

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After four years of searching, the treasure was found in Wyoming and the finder even came forward with a wonderful article describing his experience.

You can read that article here.

My personal search efforts focused on Northern New Mexico as I always felt that Forrest would have wanted to bury his bones close to home. In fact, he had said at a Moby Dickens Bookstore interview that with his last dying gasp, he would fling his bones on top of the chest and dare anyone to come and find him. I felt this was a sure indication that his ‘special spot’ had to be close to his Santa Fe Home. I was wrong.

There is another reason I felt he buried ‘indulgence’ northwest of Las Vegas, NM which will be revealed in the documentary.

The documentary ‘Finding Forrest Fenn’ is now complete. In a matter of days, it will be available as a simple digital download, a ‘Collector’s Edition’ with photographs,  a DVD, and a copy of the secret map.

The Treasure was found in 2020

On June 6th, Forrest announced the treasure was found by a man ‘back east’. Later, that it was found in Wyoming. There is still great speculation as to the precise location and solution.