Finding Forrest Fenn

A Treasure Hunter’s Documentary

Discovering Markers Along the Trail

Follow Our Thrilling Adventures this Summer to Unlock the Secrets of the Forrest Fenn Treasure.

Join the ‘Finding the Forrest Fenn Treasure’ YouTube Channel.

Join in my search for the Forrest Fenn Treasure as I document my search adventures and capture footage of historical sites and stories from the people calling the Rocky Mountains home.

Search areas include the mountains north of Santa Fe and West Yellowstone, Wyoming (beginning the Summer of 2020), specifically with interviews and historical insights that could inspire your own search efforts.

The documentary ‘Finding Forrest Fenn’ is in the early stages of production. If you would like to pre-order your copy of this 45-50 minute limited edition film with memorable photography and amazing stories, you can do so here.

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Will the treasure be found in 2020?

With scheduled trips in June and August, we’re determined to find it.